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Pão de Queijo – Brazilian cheesy doughballs

Pão de Queijo is one of the most delicious of the thousands of Brazilian recipes you can make with Cassava. Read more

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3 top tips for BBQ’ing at a friend’s house

Don’t bring those embarrassing sausages to a friends BBQ. With a bit of care and preparation you can take something cheap, practical and really tasty instead. Here’s our tip…

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A different Brazilian Cocktail

Everybody knows the ‘Caipirinha’ by now. It’s the the drinks menu of not only Brazilian bars, but most modern bars of any denomination. So now that our national drink has taken over the world, I went in search of a few different options to teach you.

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Barbecue in the Garden

Cuca tries out a takeaway barbecue grill. One of those cheap things you buy from the supermarket and use when you to a picnic. Will it work?

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