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Cabana Brasil – Brazilian Barbecue… (or maybe not!)

When is a Brazilian BBQ place not a Brazilian BBQ place?

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3 top tips for BBQ’ing at a friend’s house

Don’t bring those embarrassing sausages to a friends BBQ. With a bit of care and preparation you can take something cheap, practical and really tasty instead. Here’s our tip…

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Bobó de Camarão – An Afro-Brazilian recipe

Bobó de Camarão is now a firm fixture in any Typical Brazilian restaurant. It’s delicious and simple dish to prepare, the only tricky ingredient to find being cassava.

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Big tasty cassava chips

This recipe is by far the easiest thing you can use cassava for. Because of its massive starch content, cassava makes really great chunky and cracking crispy chips. But there are a few tricks to adding more taste to them.

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