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A new Pastel joint in London

Katavento, the Pastel Place in Merton Abbey Mills has a new owners and they have done a lot with the place! Well, not exactly new. Katavento has been around for a while but the very nice Flavio and Luciana have sold it to a new family of keen Brazilian food enthusiasts. Read more

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A different Brazilian Cocktail

Everybody knows the ‘Caipirinha’ by now. It’s the the drinks menu of not only Brazilian bars, but most modern bars of any denomination. So now that our national drink has taken over the world, I went in search of a few different options to teach you.

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Caipirinha in just over a minute (video)

Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail. Not only you can find it in any Brazilian restaurant but it also works as our most talented worldwide ambassador.

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