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The 104 Steps Strawberry Frappe

Of all the culinary passions I could have picked up in Lisbon…

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Cabana Brasil – Brazilian Barbecue… (or maybe not!)

When is a Brazilian BBQ place not a Brazilian BBQ place?

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Rodizio Brazil – Good small bbq restaurant, or just a lot of bull? (Review)

My good friend Chris Stanton, who came to Rio with me in April last year, invited…

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Why can’t I find a good churrascaria in the UK?

Churrascarias work so well in Brazil and the USA but somehow this unique kind of restaurant simply does not seem to catch on in the UK. Why? Read more

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A new Pastel joint in London

Katavento, the Pastel Place in Merton Abbey Mills has a new owners and they have done a lot with the place! Well, not exactly new. Katavento has been around for a while but the very nice Flavio and Luciana have sold it to a new family of keen Brazilian food enthusiasts. Read more

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Brazilian Potato Buns
Pão de Batata

I tried to fix it but it ended up a bit too floury and definitely too full of yeast. I was about to suggest we change the Pão de Batata for something else when I saw a recipe on YouTube which gave me a few clues. Read more

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Pimp my nuts

Sugar and chocolate encrusted nuts with an extra Omega3 kick from Linwoods!

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True feijoada experts

André is a typical Carioca: someone who will be your best friend in under 10 minutes. In all my years in the UK I have yet to find a Brit who’s as generous with their friendship as the average Carioca (native of Rio de Janeiro). Read more

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