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The secret to a perfect Picanha steak when abroad

Of course the very best way to have Picanha is having it sliced directly into…

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Why can’t I find a good churrascaria in the UK?

Churrascarias work so well in Brazil and the USA but somehow this unique kind of restaurant simply does not seem to catch on in the UK. Why? Read more

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Learn to recognise a perfect Picanha

I’m not really an expert butcher, so I depend on good steak to make a good BBQ, but check out this guy’s advice to recognise good beef for a Brazilian Barbecue.

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Brazilian Barbecue

A proper Brazilian Barbecue is served on the spit and the waiter cuts the thin slices of meat straight onto your plate. For me, there’s no other cut for this other than Picanha, Brazilian rump steak.

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