The summer break in Spain

This year, the kids and I joined our friends, the Viejos at a lovely summer villa in Madremanya. We arrived in the middle of a fire storm, literally. There were serval forest fires raging through a bone dry Spain and there was a massive one between me and a refreshing splash in the pool. I had to drive an extra hour, through tortuous country roads around a big mount to avoid the road closures. Scary stuff, but well worth it as you can see from the pictures.

We cooked some nice bread (one each), picked figs, made pizza from our own dough, fried simple local stuff like baby octopuss and I made a Moqueca Baiana with prawns and squid.

Our kitchen for 4 days was a narrow utilities island squeezed within the curving walls of a tunnel which would have originally been some sort of stable or storage. I loved the way it looked and there was a surprising amount of space. Nonetheless, I still managed to have at least one big loving tet-a-tet encounter per day with one of the protruding rocks which line the wall.

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