What would you do for a refreshing Guarana?

We have it really easy. We want a softdrink, we can just walk into the nearest newsagent and buy one. But the Brazilian natives like a nice drink too. But they have to work a little harder for it. They pick guaraná berries, grind them with a pestle and mortar, make them into a fat cigar shape and smoke it for days until they turn into a solid stick which is easy to store for a long time.

So now you have the ingredient how would you grind them into a drink? Well… they fish this massive river fish, called Pirarucu. They remove the tongue, which is mostly made of bone, place it on an ant hill for a couple of weeks so they remove all the flesh from it, and dry it for another couple of weeks. After all that it turns into a very efficient grinder, which they use to grind the solid stick of guaraná.

Check out this video I found at a fellow chef’s site – Alberto Landgraf. It’s in Portuguese but it’s quite self explanatory.

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  1. Cris says:

    Olá Nando Cuca! Tudo bem? Thanks for your comment on my blog on the rice post. Just watched your video on how to make rice the Brazilian way. Would you mind if I added a link to it on my post? thanks!

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