About Cuca Brazuca

CucaBrazuca.com is the labour of love of Brazilian designer and food writer Nando Farah (aka Cuca), who has been filming and publishing clips about Brazilian cooking since 2005, for no other reason than love of Brazilian Culture and Brazilian food.

Our clips are available from this site and many other sites online, including YouTube, and other video distribution sites.

Cuca is not a professionally trained chef but has been cooking Brazilian food since he moved to London (UK) in 1989. He’s fortunate to have several cook and foodie friends whom he visits frequently. Most recipes featured on the site are everyday Brazilian dishes which you might experience when you visit Brazil or are lucky enough to have a Brazilian cook it for you. Whenever possible we will give full written out recipes with measurements and cooking method.

I hope you enjoy our Brazilian cooking recipe clips and other posts and please feel free to leave your comments, doubts or requests.

Nando is currently taking some time off the blogging and video projects to run the Tooting Bec Lido Café, at Tooting Bec Lido, which is practically his second home.

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