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Basic Brazilian Beans

A very easy recipe, even if you don’t own a pressure cooker.

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Watermelon and lime ice lollies (ice pops)

Don’t think of them as dessert. They’re more like thirst fighting torpedoes!

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Sea Bass with Spiced Caramelized Onion Rice

A great recipe from a new book on Lebanese cooking.

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The 104 Steps Strawberry Frappe

Of all the culinary passions I could have picked up in Lisbon…

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Make rice the Brazilian way!

Make perfect fluffy flavoursome rice every time.

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Vaca Atolada – Beef ribs with Cassava Root

This is a delicious rich stew from the South West of Brazil.

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Oxtail and Watercress with creamy polenta

A humble Brazilian recipe that makes the best of a little used part of the cow.

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Brazilian Potato Buns
Pão de Batata

I tried to fix it but it ended up a bit too floury and definitely too full of yeast. I was about to suggest we change the Pão de Batata for something else when I saw a recipe on YouTube which gave me a few clues. Read more

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