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Milk Loaf

Learn how to make this delicious break in minutes. Great video recipe.

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Upside down Pineapple Pie

The more I bake and make Brazilian desserts, the more I find out what made me…

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Brazilian Potato Buns
Pão de Batata

I tried to fix it but it ended up a bit too floury and definitely too full of yeast. I was about to suggest we change the Pão de Batata for something else when I saw a recipe on YouTube which gave me a few clues. Read more

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Pão de Queijo – Brazilian cheesy doughballs

Pão de Queijo is one of the most delicious of the thousands of Brazilian recipes you can make with Cassava. Read more

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Patricia’s Sfihas

The perfect accompaniment for my Kibe recipe.

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