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If you like the recipes I have been posting here you’ll definitely enjoy my book. Of course it’s not as interactive as this blog, but it’s a heck of a lot easier to gift-wrap and give to friends and loved ones on special occasions!

Brazilian Food and Cooking Recipe BookThis is a beautiful book, designed by Anness/Aquamarine Publishing, with hundreds of gorgeous photos, including step-by-steps of more difficult recipes and even nutricional values (don’t read these, just promise yourself to raise your level of physical activity…).

The book has 65 recipes, including many of Brazilian classic dishes like Bobó de Camarão, Filé Oswaldo Aranha, Moqueca Baiana, Feijoada, Caipirinha, Açaí na Tigela. There’s also an 8,000 words introduction, where I do my best to give a short history of Brazil’s colonisation and how it influenced the food we eat.

“Why should we buy your book and not the other books on Brazilian Food?” I hear you ask. Well, I am actually Brazilian but have been living – and cooking – abroad for the last 22 years. During all this I have continued to increase my knowledge of Brazilian food, expand my repertoire of dishes and research into their origins. I have also cooked all these recipes for a variety of different countries and for a large numbers of Grigos, so I have have been able to get a great feel for what goes down well and what is looked on as weird (No, Farofa is not made with sawdust and Yes Avocado can be a dessert!).

The book is available to purchase online from Amazon: UK | USA

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