Guava Soufflé with Catupiri Sauce

After a long wait, here’s the first of the videos we shot in Rio in April 2008. This one features a delicious and incredibly simple Guava Soufflé which we learned from our visit to Senac’s Gastronomy Centre in Rio. Chef Luisa Pereira, our new found friend, took us through the step-by-step and gave us all the tips. So if you’re looking for a simple but truly Brazilian dessert recipe, this one is for you.

This is the first in the series of several clips shot in Rio. We are very grateful to TAP Portugal who flew us down to the Marvellous City in its brand new fleet. We definitely recommend them if you’re thinking of going to Brazil as they fly 67 weekly flights to 8 destinations in the country and are frequently more cost competitive than other carriers. Check out for prices, destinations and availability.

Music: The tracks in the clip are from Bottletop’s Sound Affects – Brazil. Bottletop is wonderful charity who use fashion and music to fund projects which have a positive impact on the health and well-being of young people world-wide. To find out more about their work, where to buy the CD and how to make a donation visit

The ‘chorinho’ track is by Choro na Feira, who will be featured in another of our clips.

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13 Responses to "Guava Soufflé with Catupiri Sauce"

  1. Daniella says:

    I LOVED IT! You make something like soufflé look so simple, that I have to try it out. Thanks very much for providing other alternatives to the ingredients since I can´t buy Catupiry in Porto (at least I don´t think I can- if anyone knows differently please tell me).
    I also loved the fact that it was filmed in Rio. Such a good vibe. Just as well TAP fly there 3 times a week :-)
    If you have a recipie for Camarão Catupiry please send it my way!

  2. Cesar Oliveira says:

    Marvellous! Fantastic!
    Vai fazer pra vender aí?…
    Sincerely abração,
    (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)

  3. Liz says:

    I would like to have the time in oven to prepare the
    Guava Souffle with Catupiri Sauce…thanks…Liz

  4. Claudia Nacro says:

    Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!! bjs

  5. Ana says:

    Apesar de nao ter analisado muito o site, eu gostei. Me chamou a atencao pelas cores, e design. Nao te muito busy que te faca perder o interesse e tem assuntos/links variados.
    Volto outra hora p/ dar a impressao mais aprofundada! lol Parabens

  6. Global Voices Online » Brazil: Learn how to cook Brazilian food through a videocast says:

    […] a long wait, gastronomic videocast and blog Cuca Brazuca returns with videos shot in Rio in April 2008, the first featuring a truly Brazilian dessert […]

  7. HellaD says:

    Wow what a beautiful recipe. I just love the simple guava and cheese combo. Sure wish I could just taste it. I love your site!

  8. Lucia Matuschka says:

    Oi Fernando,
    Parabéns pelo site, está ótimo. E as receitas fantásticas!
    Pena ter nos encontrado tão rápido.
    Muitos bjs,

  9. Bruno Lana says:

    Caro Nando Cuca,

    Acabei de fazer um Bobó de Camarão, aprendi através de um Video seu que assisti pelo Youtube. Adorei cara, muito bom!!

    Além disso tive uma ideia de formar uma parceria, tenho um site de aulas ONLINE ( É um site relativamente novo e ano passado eu filmei e editei várias aulas para Pré Vestibular, e hoje elas são vendidas para o cliente assistir ONLINE ou em DVD. A receptividade está sendo boa mas queria ampliar o meu site com novos cursos de diferentes modalidades e como gosto da culinaria, pensei se seria possivel colocar alguns cursos ou pequenos videos (10 a 15 minutos )de culinaria no site.
    O que acha de formar uma parceria entre o seu Blog e o meu Site ou outro tipo de parceria.
    Favor, caso tenha interesse entre em contato comigo nos e-mails ou
    Abraço e parabens.

  10. Peter says:

    Oi Nando
    This soufflé looks good. I will try it.
    Abrasos Peter na Suecia

  11. Jeremy says:

    Wow Nando, what a sweet that turned out to be! My first ever soufflé was a huge sucess! THANKS!

  12. Emilia says:

    Ah, my mouth watered when I saw that beautiful queijo de Minas married to the goiabada… Now, I am very sorry, but I have to say that there is NO substitute for Catupiry. Cream cheese is NOT a substitute and I dare say it is not worth cooking if you don’t have the reatl thing… And, sorry, again, but you did NOT use “the same guava & cheese” for the souffle; the cheese used for Romeo e Julieta, is “queijo de Minas” (and I have never found similar in the US) and the one used in the souffle is Catupiry. These are two completely different cheeses.

  13. Guava Soufflé with cream cheese sauce says:

    […] This is a sophistication of Brazil’s favourite dessert combination: the marriage of a salty plain hard cheese with the sweet aromatic taste of firm guava preserve. This recipe was made at the SENAC training courses in Rio de Janeiro. Presenter: Nando Cuca / Luisa Pereira Production: Mininetwork ltd Site: […]

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