Bobó de Camarão – An Afro-Brazilian recipe

Bobó is the name given to any dish thickened with mashed cassava. It’s actually quite common in west Africa where Yam is used instead of cassava. This and many other dishes made their way to Brazil in the hundreds of slave ships which transported Brazil’s main workforce during its colonization days.

Bobó de Camarão is now a firm fixture in any Typical Brazilian restaurant. It’s delicious and simple dish to prepare, the only tricky ingredient to find being cassava. But you can revert to Yam if necessary. Brazilian cooking varies up and down our vast country, so there are different versions of the dish. I now for instance that in Bahia, no tomatoes are used in the recipe. This is the recipe I learned while I lived in Rio.

For this video, I was delighted to have the participation of Gianna Toni, co-publisher of the JungleDrums magazine, whose energy and sense of humour made the recipe even more special.

The recipe:
* 8 large prawns
* 12 smaller prawns
* 4 tomatos -peeled and chopped
* 1 large onion, chopped
* 2 or 3 cloves of garlic
* 1 kg of cassava, boiled and chopped.
* 2 cups of coconut milk
* 4 cusp of shrimp stock (use the heads and skins from your prawns!)
* 2 table spoons of Palm Oil (Dendê) paste
* 1 cup of double cream
* fresh coriander
* salt and pepper

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9 Responses to "Bobó de Camarão – An Afro-Brazilian recipe"

  1. Lecy Baugh says:

    Thank you for the lovely recipe.I always wanted to know how to make a good “Bobó de Camarão”,and a Guava dessert.Now I feel more confident to try, next time we have guests.I will pass your email to my Brazilian friends as well.
    PS-Just one question:For the Souffle,the oven starts at 125C and then 180C,for 15 minutes?

  2. Agda says:

    Só faltou a pimenta.
    Menino, que sotaque lindo!!!
    Eu adorei sua expressão quando vc se corrige na pronúncia da palavra “onions”.

  3. Emilia says:

    You missed a basic ingredient: Azeite de Dendê!!!! By the way, when I still lived in Brazil nobody referred to Bobó de Camarão (that my mother made wonferfuly) as an “Afro-Brazilian” dish… I see that the politically correct police has gotten to Brazil too. Pity.

  4. jocimara says:

    i love bobo de camarao i find the palm oil ( dende ) and the cassava in the latino supermaket called compare foods . i came from south of brasil and in there we call cassava= Mandioca it` not from africa but, its from brazil .
    the dish is delicious

  5. Ellen says:

    I lived in Bahia for nearly two years and I could not get enough of the authentic dishes such as moqueca de camarao, acaraje with dried shrimp, vatapa and pimenta, the wonderful green corn sorvete (very short season), xin xin de galhinha and the occasional vitamina made with sweetened avacado and bananas…..boy do I miss Bahia!!! (sorry for any misspellings….it’s been a while)
    Love the sound of the birimbao in the background.

  6. Matt says:

    Check out our recipe for a yummy fish Moqueca here:

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    […] cassava root can also thicken chowders such as bobó de camarão (shrimp in yuca cream) or beef dishes like vaca atolada (“mud-stranded cow”). It can be […]

  8. Chris says:

    This Brazilian shrimp recipe sounds delicious. I’m going to have guests and I was looking for something different – I guess I found it.

    Chris –

  9. Cultural Stew in the Pelourinho « The Gannet says:

    […] and a multitude of other variable ingredients),  Ensopado  (very similar but using olive oil ), Bobo (with dende but thickened with manioc puree). It’s hard to tell distinguish between them […]

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